Tradition Brings Residents to Downtown Zanesville Event

Tradition Brings Residents to Downtown Zanesville Event

by Emily Baird on July 3, 2010

Zane Landing Park is full of activity on this holiday weekend.

Families and friends gathered to kick-off "Stars and Stripes on the River", which is a two-day event, and people were coming out for all kinds of reasons.

"So, we can listen to some music and have a good time, " says Zanesville resident Dylan Tucker.

"I don’t think it’s going to be our kind of music, but it seems like it’s really family-oriented, " says resident Kim Mudgett.

"I’m eating french fried and a chicken sandwich, and I’m eating a chicken sandwich and an elephant ear, " say resident Ashley Goldsmith and Kim Frank.

"There’s a little bit for everybody to do. They have the rides this year for the kids, " says resident Barb Wells.

But all agreed, the most important reason to come out was to spend time together. They say the event has become a tradition for them, which will conclude tomorrow night with fireworks.

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