We Lov Pets Speaks Out Against Theft

We Lov Pets Speaks Out Against Theft

by Katie Donovan on June 16, 2015

We Lov Pets of Zanesville experienced an attempted theft this past Monday.

In the security video released by the store, you can see two people exit a white mini van and attempt to put a dog box valued between one and two hundred dollars in their vehicle. Manager of We Lov Pets, Russ Denny said they will be taking preventative measures.

"What we’re going to do now is just do a quick inventory every day. I mean obviously if we go home at night and there’s say, 15 dog boxes out here and then in the morning there’s 13 and we didn’t sell any, we’re going to review the tape and you know it’s only a couple hours a tape so it will be real easy to do."

Unfortunately this is not the first time We Love Pets has been stolen from. In the last couple of months, dog kennels were also taken from the property. Denny said they will not put up with the theft of merchandise.

"We’re going to prosecute. Whenever we find, I don’t care what they steal, if it’s just a candy bar in here–anything. We just, we can’t tolerate that. You know this is people’s jobs we’re dealing with here…This is like a family to us here and when you start taking our inventory–everyone wants a good paycheck so–if we let it go people’s jobs are going to be at stake. We just cant have that."

You can view the video of the attempted theft on the store’s Facebook page. Denny thanks the community for its support in the matter. If you have any tips regarding this crime, you can send them to the Zanesville Police Department: (740) 455-0700

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