ER Busy During July 4th

by Emily Baird on July 15, 2009 at 11:25 am

The Fourth of July may be a day of celebrating our nation’s history and enjoying traditions of parades, picnics, and fireworks with the ones we love, but it can be a busy day in the Genesis Good Samaritan ER.

Director of Emergency Services, David Davis, says doctors and nurses see traumas from motorcycle or biking accidents. He says there’s bumps, bruises, and broken bones from playing outside, and there’s burns from fireworks. Davis says 98 hundred people in the US were treated last year for firework related injuries.

“200 children under five were treated just for sparkler injuries. So, something even seems safe like a sparkler and a little kid. 200 of them ended up in the er last year, ” says Davis.

Davis says they’re ready to handle anyone who walks through their doors.

“If you need us, we’re here at Good Samaritan or at Bethesda. The Urgent Cares are open 11am-9pm all through the holiday, including through July 4th. If you need us, we’ve got docs, and we’ve got nurses. Come in. We’ll get you patched up and back out for the holidays, ” says Davis.

Davis says the better the weather is on the Fourth of July, the more injuries they see.