Last Day for All ZCS

by Kelly Mills on July 15, 2009 at 11:19 am

The last of Zanesville City Schools finished up their school year today.

It was the final day for Roosevelt Middle School and McIntire-Munson and Westview Elementaries.

“It’s crazy and I think a lot of them, I heard a lot of them say, a lot of them took the day off, but a lot of them that came they remembered that this was splash day as they called it, so they’re pumped up and excited about being here,” says Jeff Moore, McIntire-Munson, principal.

Getting into a dunk tank wasn’t just a way to keep students in school for Moore, it was a way to reward them for doing well on the Ohio Achievement Tests:”Make a Splash on the OAT and Splash the Principal.”

“They’re stressed out all year and take those tests in the Spring and the idea the teachers I came up with is an effort rubric and if they put an effort in on the OATs, they’re here everyday, they’re good test taking strategies, spending a lot of time and effort and it’s just to get their best effort,” he says.

And they certainly put in their best effort today when to the cheers of their classmates they stepped up to take a shot.

“I was thinking I would be the first one to hit him,” says DeShawn Dalton, third grader. “I usually throw a football and I can throw far so when I play baseball I throw hard.”

Deshawn may have been first, but it was Hannah who did it twice.

“If the boys could get it girls are just as good as boys, so they’re able to do something boys could do,” says Hannah Suttles, third grader.

Though he took several dips Principal Moore says it was worth it.

Mcintire-Munson, Westview and Roosevelt Schools had to go longer than other Zanesville City Schools because they used more calamity days this school year.