Local Priest Reassigned to Columbus

by Audry Kensicki on July 15, 2009 at 11:24 am

Today was a day of farewells for those at St. Nicholas Church in Zanesville.

Father Leo Connolly says after six years, he was supposed to stay at St. Nicholas for another six-year term, but a problem came up.

“Because of the priest shortage, we had more openings than we had priests, so the bishop had to do some surprise readjusting and asked a few priests who weren’t planning on moving, to move,” said Connolly. “I happened to be one of them.”

Father Connolly says he told the bishop he would go where ever he was needed. He says he will miss Zanesville.

“One of the things I always enjoyed were the festivals, because the great thing about it, in towns like this, they’re events that bring people together,” he said. “Not only from a particular church community, but the whole community.”

Father Connolly will stay through July 9. He says Father Marty Ralko will become pastor Tuesday, July 14. Father Connolly will be moving to a church in Columbus.