Speed Limit Increase Among Law Changes

by on July 15, 2009 at 11:25 am

Starting tomorrow a few changes are coming to Ohio’s roadways that drivers need to know about.

Three new laws go into effect July 1st. Maybe the biggest change is how fast semi trucks and other commercial vehicles will be traveling on rural and suburban interstates. “One of the biggest changes is the speed limit which is going up for commercial vehicles. It used to be, still today- changes tomorrow that all commercials out on the interstate highway would travel at 55mph, or that was the speed limit that they were supposed run. The speed limit law is now changing and tomorrow on some interstates and highways, Interstate 70 being one of them, the speed limit goes up to 65mph along with the cars.”

While it will take some getting used to traveling right along side an 18 wheeler, another change in a road law is for safety reasons when it comes to vehicle clearance and visibility. “Its an inclimate weather issue that when your windshield wipers are on, headlights need to be on as well. I mean if you’re clearing your windshield for bugs or something like that you don’t have to run your headlights, but if there is precipitation that is gaining on your windshield which you need your wipers to clear off you need to turn your headlights on.”

Sergeant Jeremy Mendenhall of the Zanesville Post of the Ohio Highway Patrol says having your headlights on while driving in the rain will make it easier to see the car in front of you and behind you. The Highway Patrol is looking forward to a smooth change over. “We hope it does, you know what are goal is to be safe, for people to be safe as they’re traveling out there. As it comes to enforcing the laws, we’re going to enforce the laws the same that we did before we just have a little bit more to look into when it comes to enforcing.”

The third change is an add on to an on-going law of moving over to the far lane when an emergency vehicle is pulled over. The law now applies to tow trucks and other utility vehicles while their lights are on.

All the changes take affect starting tomorrow July 1st.