Zane Landing 4th Festivities Off to Good Start

by Audry Kensicki on July 15, 2009 at 11:26 am

The count is up to nearly 70 bikes for the Old Biker Boys Giveaway at Zane Landing Park today.

The group purchased 43 bikes last week and have been receiving donations ever since to raffle off for local children. Organizer Kenny Forsythe says this is the first year for the event.

“This was a deal where I said, ‘I can do it,’ and they said, ‘No you can’t.’ I said, ‘Watch me,'” said Forsythe. “We have 58 bicycles right now and we expect more to be walking in this afternoon as the day goes on. We’ve had an overflow of participation by businesses, organizations, individuals and the Jaycees have been exceptional to work with.”

Forsythe says the look on the children’s faces when they win is priceless.

“I figure it will be just like Christmas,” said Forsythe. “Santa Claus is coming down the chimney. They don’t have to wait up all night for this, they just have to come down and have fun.”

The giveaway was just one part of the Fourth of July festivities at the park.

Music and entertainment played throughout the day, ending with, of course, fireworks.