Bosco Returns To Zanesville

by Katie Jeffries on September 21, 2009 at 4:01 am

Hundreds of people came out tonight in support of injured k-9 officer Bosco and were treated to a special surprise. WHIZ’s Katie Jeffries has the story.

People came from far and wide to support a hero. People in attendance say Bosco’s courageous story touched their hearts and they came tonight to try to give back to the dog who was shot twice, while in the line of duty. The crowd was treated to a very unexpected surprise. Bosco made his first public appearance. Thank yous and cheers rang out from the audience as Bosco took to the stage.

“It was quite a thrill even at my age. That was a wonderful experience to see him come out on stage to greet everybody and then have a wonderful bark to let everybody know ‘I am alive’,” says Belvie Fraunfelter.

It has been almost a month since Bosco was shot and even though he made a guest appearance today, police say it may take a year for his full recovery.

Officer Mike Schiele says Bosco still has a long road to recovery a head of him.

“He is able to stand on all four legs now and he is starting to take some steps with his front legs. He is still pretty weak in the front but they work in therapy with him everyday,” tells Officer Schiele.

Officer Schiele, who was also injured during the shooting, is amazed by the amount of community support.

“They (the community) have been supportive all along it is great for them to be able to come out and meet some of them and shake their hand and speak with them personally. We do truly appreciate everything everyone has done and this is overwhelming,” tells Officer Schiele.

One thing is certain, Bosco’s return to Zanesville was fit for a hero.

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Katie Jeffries