Canvassing for a Cause

by Audry Kensicki on September 6, 2009 at 11:22 am

One Ohio group is doing what it can to make sure local residents get their voices heard when it comes to health care.

Brandon Koebbe says his group, Working America, wants each person let their congressman know how they feel about health care.

“Health care is our organization’s number one priority,” said Koebbe. “We’re asking folks to write to their congressman Zack Space, urging him to support a public object and to do it quickly.”

Koebbe says their group hopes to spread the word about the health care plan going through Congress now. He says their message has been well received so far.

“I’ve had 14 conversations today and 12 letters written, so the majority of folks we’re speaking to out here are in favor of what we’re doing and voicing their opinion through a hand-written letter,” he said.

Working America is a lobby group representing workers who don’t have a union. He says the group is the largest group of working people in a lobby in the state of Ohio.