Ceremony of Hope

by Emily Baird on September 21, 2009 at 4:00 am

Another local organization is helping raise awareness and money for cancer.

The Genesis Healthcare Foundation held its 29th Annual Genesis Pro-Am Golf Tournament.

Executive Director, Paul McClelland, says the three day event will raise over 100 thousand dollars in support of local cancer services, but the organization also wanted to do something special this year, recognize those who have battled cancer.

“We honored a friend of ours, jack, who was the assistant pro here at the Zanesville Country Club. Jack passed away here just a few months ago with liver cancer, and Jack was a great friend to many folks in this community and just a great all-around guy, ” says McClelland.

A local cancer survivor also spoke about her cancer journey.

“How fortunate she is and how blessed she feels to have the cancer services that are available right here, right in our home-own backyard, ” says McClelland.

McClelland says the Ceremony of Hope was emotional and the local organization hopes to continue it in the future.