Council Tables 2 Familiar Issues Again

by Emily Baird on September 21, 2009 at 4:00 am

Zanesville City Council is tabling the Interskate Skateboard Park issue and the Gant Municipal Stadium issue yet again.

Zanesville Mayor Howard Zwelling says Council wants to wait and to see if any grant money will be coming the city’s way. So, Council tabled the Interskate Skateboard Park issue for two weeks.

“The Interskate Park Grant from the Nature Works Grant would be announced on the 28th, which is two weeks from tonight. It’s at the next Council meeting. I informed Council President Hennessey that we will know. That seems to be important to City Council,” says Zwelling.

The Gant Municipal Stadium issue will be tabled for another month, but another issue is beginning to surface.

City Council received its first complaint of looking into having red light cameras in the city of Zanesville.

The city’s Traffic Committee will be holding a private meeting next Thursday to discuss the issue. Zwelling says after that, there will be a public meeting…with a date that has yet to be announced.

“Everyone’s going to get to have their say, and they’re going to get to hear all the facts on why we want to do it. So, these that can’t wait to show their rage, they might get set in their opinion and not be able to change their mind when they hear the whole story, ” says Zwelling.

Zwelling says he thinks the cameras are justified but a local business owner disagrees. He addressed council, saying he received a ticket from a red light camera in Heath and doesn’t plan to shop in the town anymore. He says he doesn’t want the same to happen here in Zanesville.