Deadly Gas Accident Update

by Emily Baird on September 21, 2009 at 3:59 am

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration out of Columbus says it is still investigating why a deadly gas accident occurred in Guernsey County yesterday, and it says it could take a couple months to come up with a conclusion.

28-year-old Kenneth Hanson of Stockport was killed in the accident and 24-year-old Aaron Dumolt of Zanesville remains in critical condition at Ohio State University Medical Center in Columbus. Antrim Fire Chief, Don Warnock, says several other workers were taken to the hospital and then released.

He says CHIPCO workers were shutting down a natural-gas well, when they came in contact with hydrogen sulfide, or poison gas.

WHIZ spoke with CHIPCO Co-Owner, Angie Smith, who says this is the first time the company has had this type and accident, and she says the company has been around since 1998.

She says workers are trained to run from the scene when something like this happens. While some did, she says Dumolt tried to save Hansen.

Dumolt is Smith’s son-in-law. She says the incident had him in a chemically induced coma at OSU Medical Center. He is currently out of the coma at OSU Medical Center.