New Addition to Outdoor Show

by Katie Jeffries on September 21, 2009 at 4:02 am

No outdoor show would be complete without guns.

The 4th annual Muskingum Valley Outdoor Show added a gun show, swap and sale to the festivities this year. While shot guns are the best sellers, there are also smaller hand guns for sale.

“Well it is getting to be hunting season, so I think that is important to realize that basically they are here to find things for the hunting season coming up,” says Drew Stiegler who is a private party dealer.

Anyone wanting to sell or swap guns could rent a table at the outdoor show. Stiegler says the gun show had a great turn-out today. Even the National Rifle Association (NRA) set up a table to recruit and answer any questions.

“Mainly people talk to me about what is going on with the gun laws and how the Obama administration is going to effect their right to bear arms,” tells NRA recruiter, Don Pagath.

Pagath says he recruited around 20 people at the outdoor show and he saw some really nice guns for sale. He says the addition of the gun show makes this year’s show even better.

“This year over last year, it is up I’d say over 100%. It is a great place, Muskingum County (residents) always want something to do, you need to come out and enjoy the festivities here,” says Pagath

The Muskingum Valley Outdoor Show ran Saturday and Sunday from 9 am til 5 pm at the fairgrounds.

Katie Jeffries