Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund Hurting

by Emily Baird on September 29, 2009 at 6:59 am

The Muskingum Valley Red Cross is running into a rough patch with its disaster relief fund.

The number of fires in our area has increased over the past several months, and Executive Director, Dan Hartman, says the Red Cross has been there to provide assistance to every family that needed it.

"Right now, if we looked at the disaster relief checkbook, I’d say we hope we have no more fires, " says Hartman.

Hartman says the Red Cross will continue to help families and keep to the mission it established back when it first started in Muskingum County in 1917.

"No, we may not have as much money as we’ve had in the past, but we’re still going to take care of the families. We just rely on resources from other groups a little bit more than in the past, " says Hartman.

Hartman says while the Red Cross could really use some more help right now, it cannot solicite funds through the months of September and October. He says the United Way provides the Red Cross with 100 thousand dollars annually, and in return, the Red Cross will not take part in community-wide fundraising during those months.