Road Construction Across Zanesville

by Kelly Mills on September 6, 2009 at 11:20 am

Summer paving projects are underway across the city of Zanesville.

The Pine Street paving project finished up Thursday. Milling has also begun on 12 other roads around the city.

“We need to do that because as we continually overlay the streets we lose curb height and we’ve gotten to the point where we have to mill the old surface in order to pave it properly,” says Mike Sims, Public service Director.

Paving on the 12 sections of road should be complete within the next two weeks. Sims says drivers are most likely to see delays on Military Road and Blue Avenue.

“That will probably be the ones that cause the most congestion. The other ones are typically side streets that just haven’t been paved in a long time and are in need of it,” he says.

Roads under construction this summer are:

Armco Avenue

James Street

Federal Avenue

Lindsey Avenue

Grace Street

Blue Avenue: from Laurel to Taylor

State Street: from McIntire to I-70

Woodland Avenue: from Maysville to Garfield

Elberon Avenue: from Seventh Street to Underwood

Fourth Street: from South to Canal

Canal Street: from Fourth to Sixth Streets

In the spring the city will start paving projects on Ridge Avenue and Dryden, Pershing and Dresden Roads using $1 million in stimulus money.