Saving College Students Money

by Emily Baird on September 30, 2009 at 6:06 am

It costs college students a pretty penny to buy all the textbooks they need for classes, but the Ohio University-Zanesville and Zane State Bookstore is giving students three money-saving options when it comes to paying for them.

One is renting books from the bookstore, which need to be return is good condition by the end of the quarter. While students can save 40 percent, there’s only a limited number of rentals.

Students can purchase used books for about 75 percent of the original cost.

"We get as many used books as we can, both from whole-sales throughout the country as well as buying books directly back from the students at the end of the quarter. " says Textbook Manager, Andrew Morrison.

Morrison says last year, the bookstore gave students almost 243 thousand dollars for their used books.

The third money-saving option for students is buying E-books and saving about 40 percent of the original cost.

"Within an E-book, they can search through the text, they can highlight, they can make notes, and all kinds of things, " says Morrison.

Morrison says the store has about 100 books available through E-books.

He says despite the newer technology though, used books still remain popular among students.