Voter Turnout Expected to Be Higher

by Emily Baird on September 30, 2009 at 6:08 am

Voter turnout in this year’s November Election is not expected to top last year’s, which was a Presidential Election, but Muskingum County Board of Elections President, Chris Hamill, says her office is still busy and predicting a voter turnout of 40 percent. She also says it expects voting by absentee ballots to come in at 10 percent.

"I think we’re higher than in previous, past elections. I think absentee voting is becoming quite a thing that everybody wants to do, " says Hamill.

Hamill says absentee voting gives voters more time to sit and think about the issues.

"I think it’s convenient for the voter to be able to come in, get their ballot, and take it home or have their ballot mailed to them, " says Hamill.

Hamill wants to remind everyone that voter registration ends next Monday, and she says if you plan to vote by an absentee ballot, it must be requested by October 31st and sent back to the Board of Elections by the close of Election Day.