West Muskingum Recognizes 4 AP Scholars

by Emily Baird on September 22, 2009 at 6:37 am

Four former West Muskingum High School Seniors can now call themselves AP Scholars.

The four girls took three or more AP exams a piece last spring and received a score of three or higher, giving them this prestigious honor.

“We’ve never had this many scholars. First of all, we had exceptional students-of course i think we have lot of exceptional students. We’ve just really worked hard at increasing the rigor of our program at offering more AP courses, ” says High School Science Teacher Tami Fitzgerald.

Fitgerald says she hopes that seeing these four young womens’ achievements will push other students to take more challenging classes at school and receive some great benefits.

“It serves them well, as far as their transcripts go when they apply to colleges. (It) looks very strong for them for any kind of scholarship opportunities. In addition, they have lots of opportunities to earn college credit, ” says Fitzgerald.

The four AP Scholars are Alexandra Burris, Kayla Chapman, Jennifer Drue, and Stephanie Szemetylo. All four are attending universities in Ohio and receiving college credit ranging from 16 to 22 hours.