Accepting Entries for Veteran’s Day Parade

by Emily Baird on October 6, 2009 at 7:19 am

Zanesville’s Veterans Day Parade is about a month away, and Veterans Council President, Bud Johnson, says he is accepting applications for those who want to take part in the event this year.

Johnson says he’s received 62 entries back already.

"We’ve built the parade back up to where we’ve had over 100 units in it every year for the past five years, and there’s no doubt we’re going to have over 100 this year, " says Johnson.

Johnson says local businesses, local officials, local law enforcement agencies, area high school bands, and kids from the boy and girl scouts participate.

He says the parade is a great way for the community to bond together.

"People around here realize that the Veteran’s Day Parade is not for the veterans. It’s for us to honor the veterans. You know, we’re losing 900 World War II and Korean veterans a day in the United States. So, while they’re here, let’s show them we really do care, " says Johnson.

He says his only concern is the number of people who come out to see the parade. He says it’s just 35 to 40 minutes of your time to show your patriotism.

The parade will take place on Saturday, November 7th.