Anti-Abortionists Line Maple Avenue

by Katie Jeffries on October 4, 2009 at 7:02 am

If you were driving down Maple Avenue this afternoon you couldn’t miss the more than 100 people lining the streets with signs.

The Muskingum Valley Right to Life organized today’s Zanesville part of the National Prayer Chain. According to organizers prayer chains like this ocurred from 2:30 til 3:30 pm in cities across the nation.

"We started in 2002, this is our 8th year and basically what it is, is a prayer chain.  We pray on the streets, we take our signs and pray on the sidewalks and we pray for an end to abortion," tells Helen Fedorke a  member of Muskingum Valley Right to LIife.

Father Jordan Turano offered an opening prayer before people took to the sidewalk. The back of each sign contained a prayer that those in attendence were asked to recite. Fedorke says the public seems receptive to their message.

"We have a lot of good reports, like the cars passing by a lot of them will have an OK sign,  There are very few hecklers, once in a while there will be one or two, but most of the time it is a very good, positive report," says Fedorke.

Fedorke says several local churches urged their congregation to attend today’s event which helped to gather support.

"It is not just a church thing, it is not just a catholic thing, it is for anybody," tells Fedorke.

The event concluded at 3:30 pm with a closing prayer.



Katie Jeffries