Banquet Recognizes Foster Parents

by Katie Jeffries on October 24, 2009 at 9:04 am

There are currently around 60 children in foster care with in Muskingum County.

Saturday night,  Muskingum County Children’s Services held a banquet for all the foster parents and families who have opened their homes and hearts to these children. Awards are being given out to longtime foster parents.

"Tonight we actually have foster parents that have been foster parents through Muskingum County for twenty years, Grant and Sherrie Gibson are getting that award, we have a ten year award to Pastor Keith and Dorothy Wyatt, we have a few five year awards and right on down," tells Candy Emmert a protection and permanency supervisor.

Ten year award recipient Pastor Keith Wyatt says he became a foster parent because he saw a need within the community. In ten years he and his wife Dorothy have taken in around 50 children and those children have taught them a lot.

"They have taught me how to communicate very well.  I think that if you don’t watch them and listen to what they have to say sometimes you miss a lot of things. So yes they have taught me a lot of things and one of the main things, but one of the things they have taught me is to listen, not so much what they say, but what they don’t say," says Pastor Wyatt.

Emmert says 68 families attended the banquet. If you want to become a foster parent, call the number on your screen (740) 455-6710


Katie Jeffries