Carr Center Fundraiser

by Audry Kensicki on October 6, 2009 at 8:49 am

One local restaurant is helping families around the area, who might not even know it.

The Bob Evans restaurant on Underwood Street held a fundraiser tonight, donating fifteen-percent of it’s proceeds to the Carr Center’s speech therapy program.

"We try to make those programs as affordable to parents as possible," said Jenny Sampson of the Carr Center. "With fundraisers such as this one, we will be able to continue to do that. We don’t really have a goal in mind, we’re just appreciative of anything we can get tonight."

Sampson says the center works with children 18-months old and up. The center uses a variety of small class sizes, therapists and pre-school teachers to help children develop their language.

"The Carr Center is a great organization here in town and this is Bob Evans way of paying back to the community," said Bob Evans General Manager Kerby Staker. "Anything we can do to help children and needy people, we’re glad to help."

This is the first year the Carr Center has raised money in partnership with Bob Evans.