Chief Lacy Offers Advice on Preventing Home Fires

by Katie Jeffries on October 1, 2009 at 8:42 am

The cold chill in the air can only mean one thing. Holiday season is right around the corner.

With the holiday season comes lots of cooking and careless cooking is the leading cause of fires in the United States.

"People attempt to do their cooking and sometimes they start things on the stove or in the oven and they leave for a couple hours and come back and if you’re not there and something goes wrong that is when the problem comes in," says Chief Dave Lacy of the Zanesville Fire Department.

Chief Lacy has other advice for residents to prevent home fires. He urges residents to be very careful with space or kerosene heaters and people should never attempt to use a stove to heat a home. The misuse of extension cords is often the source of electrical fires.

"Especially the undersized extension cords, we see extension cords plugged into extension cords and that is a no-no.  In the event that you actually have to use an extension cord you need to make sure it is an adequate sized extension cord for what you are running off of it," tells Chief Lacy.

Chief Lacy says Fall is a popular season for outdoor burning. Residents within the Zanesville City limit will need a permit and Chief Lacy says be very careful because dry leaves and grass can catch fire very easily. 



Katie Jeffries