Clinic Offers 1,000 H1N1 Vaccinations

by Katie Jeffries on October 31, 2009 at 4:52 am

 The Muskingum County Health Department H1N1 clinic opened an hour and a half early this morning for those waiting in line.

The clinic had 1,000 doses of the intranasal vaccine available only to healthcare workers, people who provide care for infants and children ages two through nine. This is Muskingum County’s third clinic for the Tier One priority group. Officials say vaccine shipments come in weekly, so they hope to have another clinic in a week or so.

"Depending on how much vaccine we have available, we will decide if we can open it to a broader age group.  Right now we are staying within Tier One and that is according to the guidelines from our department of health," Gloria Kieffer the Director of Nursing.

Currently, the county only has the flu-mist, which pregnant women can not take. Kieffer says there is a waiting list available for the injectable vaccine for pregnant women.

Local families are seeing the effects of sickness in our area. The Mathers family says many of their children’s friends are sick, so they wanted to take extra precautions and get their two children vaccinated as soon as possible.

"Yea I think a lot of people are worried about their children. So I think that is the main concern for most of the people here, plus it helps keep us healthy and keep our household healthy and with them being in daycare we feel it is important to help protect them from the other kids that have not been vaccinated," tells Alaina Mathers.

The Mathers say the entire process only took them 10 minutes to complete. For updates on H1N1 and upcoming clinics, visit the Muskingum County Health Department website at the link above.


Katie Jeffries