Collecting Fall Leaves

by Emily Baird on October 27, 2009 at 5:45 am

Most of the leaves across Southeastern Ohio have reached their peak and are beginning to fall.

That means lots of rakes will be in good use across the city, and starting monday, the Zanesville City Street Department will have three trucks picking up those piles of leaves.

"We ask citizens to rake their leaves to the curb line, not into the curb, into the storm sewers, or into the street. It just makes travel difficult, and it’s another obstacle to avoid, " says Public Service Director, Mike Sims.

Sims says the trucks will start going up and down roads all over the city, and then start confining pick-ups to areas that have the most concentrations of leaves.

"We have a local farmer that takes all of our leaves and composts them. So, they are recyclable, " says Sims.

Sims says disposing the leaves doesn’t cost the city any money.

He says if you don’t see a truck and need leaves picked up, make sure you call the street department.

Sims says the trucks will be out picking up leaves through December 12th or until the weather prohibits it.