Commissioners Discuss Bridge Replacement

by Katie Jeffries on October 15, 2009 at 7:51 am

The Muskingum County Engineer went before the Muskingum County Commissioners Thursday to discuss the financial future of bridge replacement projects for the next 5 years.

County Engineer, Doug Davis, says there are nine bridges in Muskingum County that need to be replaced. Funding for the bridge replacements will be split 80% to 20% between federal funding and county funding, respectively.

“We will actually instead of giving money for ‘Chip and Seal’ this year, we will give him money toward a bridge that needs to be replaced because it is a 80 to 20 percent match so it will be a better deal county wise if we can do that,” tells Commissioner John Bates.

The first and most expensive bridge replacement will be the North Dresden, Main Street bridge potentially costing the county $420,000 dollars. Commissioner Bates says they will look over their budget and might have to finance the project. Bates says safety and getting roads and bridges fixed is their main priority.

“If they are under the replacement clause and you don’t replace them you could have a collapse, so this is just a preliminary to get things done as far as the federal government chipping in the money, they know the bridge needs replaced so they are behind it,” tells Bates.

Davis says there is an increasing budget deficit through 2015 because the cost of materials is on the rise while there is no addtional revenue on the horizon.

Below is a complete list of the nine proposed bridge replacements:

Location – Year – Local Cost
-North Dresden/Main Street – 2010 – $420,000
-Main St. Roseville – 2011 – $283,880
-Green Valley Road – 2011 – $93,200
-Hamby Hill Road – 2012 – $186,680
-Shannon Road – 2012 – $205,600
-Lambert Road – 2013 – $295,660
-Burnt Mill Road – 2014 – $283,880
-Cutler Lake Road – 2015 – $127,400
-Moxadarla Road – 2015 – $188,600