Commuting Campus Beneficial to Spread of H1N1

by Emily Baird on October 12, 2009 at 8:43 am

The Ohio University-Zanesville campus is not reporting any confirmed cases of the the H1-N1 virus.

Public Relations Coordinator, Chris Shaw, says OU-Z benefits from being a commuter campus and not having students live in dormitories.

“The students come and go. They aren’t here as long throughout the day. So, I think that helps out a lot, ” says Shaw.

However, Shaw says that hasn’t stopped faculty members from taking the spread of the H1-N1 virus seriously.

“We feel that prevention is probably the key to preventing what’s going on on-campus, ” says Shaw.

Shaw says alcohol-based hand sanitizers are located across campus for students and faculty to use. She says each room also has sanitizing spray to rub down desks and computers.

As for students and faculty, Shaw says OU-Z is asking them to take care of themselves as well as stay home if they feel sick.

For more information on OU-Z’s prevention methods against the H1-N1 virus, visit