County Home Working Toward Certification

by Kelly Mills on October 2, 2009 at 10:55 am

Changes are coming to the Muskingum County Home in an effort to get the facility Medicare and Medicaid certified.

On Monday, Sarah Weber-Somers will begin as the new administrator of the county home. Hiring an administrator was a necessary requirement in the process to get certified.

"She’s going to be very helpful in helping us through the process of the certification of need, which we have submitted to the Ohio Department of Health," says Rebecca Cooper, out-going superintendent.

Becoming Medicare and Medicaid certified will help ease the financial burden of caring for indigent county residents. The County Home is curretly partially funded through a  property tax levy.

"This is a lengthy process this will be approximately take the next year to really accomplish that so it is still going to be very important to maintain some levy funds to in order to go through this process and at some point levy funds will be decreased, but will still be a part of it as we move forward," says Weber-Somers.

The county has just received an audit of changes they need to make in order to become certified. Those changes include software upgrades that will allow the County Home to provide reports to the state.