Democratic Candidates Interact with Public

by Emily Baird on October 11, 2009 at 10:59 am

Some of the Democratic candidates for Zanesville City Council are just fighting for their seats at the polls in November, but they are also fighting against each other…to see who has the best chili.

The Zanesville Democrats participated in a chili cookoff at Weasel Boy Brewery this evening.

It was hosted by the Muskingum County Women’s Democrat Club as a way for the candidates to interact and to get feedback from the public.

One of the major issues Zanesville residents see to care about is the installation of red light cameras in the city of Zanesville.

"I will go with how the majority of my ward chooses for us to go on the camera (issue). Now, most of the people are against the cameras, " says City Councilwoman Sandy Gentry.

D. J. Dittmar says most of his ward opposes the red light cameras too. He says the positive feedback he does get only makes up about 20-percent of his ward.

"I really feel you don’t get due process with a stop light camera or any other type of camera. They’re kind of nice in some regards, whereas the constitutionality of it is a little off, " says Dittmar.

Dittmar says the city’s safety committee is still discussing the issue and getting feedback from both city workers and Zanesville citizens.