Do You Understand Issue 2?

by Emily Baird on October 27, 2009 at 5:46 am

As you head to the polls next Tuesday, do you fully understand the issues you will be voting on?

The Ohio Department of Agriculture’s Animal Identification Systems Manager, Gary Wilson, spoke to the Zanesville Rotary Club this afternoon to make sure people had the information they need when it comes to Issue 2.

Wilson says if Issue 2 passes, it will establish a Livestock Board. The board will be made up of 13 individuals, and they will be appointed by the Director of Agriculture, who will serve as chair.

"The individuals…(are) two veterinarians, one of which is the State Veterninarian. 2 consumer groups-these are Ohio Consumer Groups. 3 farm organizaiton representatives. A food safety experts, and an animal care expert from the university or from the scientific community as well, " says Wilson.

Wilson says the Board will help recognize consumers’ concerns.

"Consumers are more and more interested in how their foods are prepared, whether it be vegetables or meat and egg products, " says Wilson.

Wilson says it will provide a transparency in how farmers raise animals and tend to produce, but some opponents of issue two say they fear Issue 2 is an invasion of privacy, and they say Issue 2 will hurt small farmers.

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