Familiar Issue on November Ballot

by Emily Baird on October 7, 2009 at 9:22 am

When you head to the polls on November 3rd, West Muskingum Superintendent, Sharon Smith, says you will see a similar issue that has been on the ballot before.

It’s a 7.9 Mil Emergency Levy for five years.

"I really try to take a positive attitude becuase for me, I look at this issue as really being about the kids in our district and maintaining our programing for them, " says Smith.

Smith says the levy is designed to maintain current expenses.
If it passes, Smith says also the district plans to bring back high school busing, which it has continued to promise kids and parents.

If it fails, Smith says it’s not determined at this time where additional cuts will be made.

"I realize it’s a tough economic times for people, and that’s why I want people to understand that we will remain low cost. We will remain accountable. It’s for a five year limited period of time, and if we still need money in five years, we will have to come back to the voters at that time. We’re not asking them to write us a blank check and say this is forever, " says Smith.

The 7.9 Mil emergency levy for five years failed when it was placed on last year’s November ballot.