First H1N1 Vaccine Batch Arrives in Muskingum County

by Audry Kensicki on October 13, 2009 at 7:54 am

The first round of H1N1 vaccines has made it’s way into Muskingum County.

Director of Nursing Gloria Kieffer says they have been waiting for this first round to come in, and they do expect more.

“We have received a very small amount of vaccine,” said Kieffer. “We’re having a meeting immediately to determine where that small amount of vaccine will go in order to hit the target populations. The first vaccine is designated for high risk patients.”

Kieffer says those high risk patients include pregnant women and the young.

Nationally, the country is seeing a shortage of seasonal flu shots. That has some people concerned they won’t be able to get their shot this winter.

But Crystal Bebout of the Rambo Memorial Health Center says not to worry, more vaccinations are on the way.

“We ordered 13,000 flu shots in January, not anticipating the amount of media press and information that has been out about the seasonal flu shots. We are actually out. We’ve given 13,000 in five days,” said Bebout. We’ve been put on a waiting list through a company who says they have some in stock. We’re still waiting to hear whether or not we’ll get any of that and how much and when it will be available.”

Both the health department and Rambo say they are very busy making sure the vaccines are available as soon as possible.

They say to please direct any questions you have about either flu to call their hotline at 454-9741.