Flu Clinic For Muskingum County Is Out of Vaccine

by Katie Jeffries on October 8, 2009 at 7:21 am

Record crowds swarmed the Muskingum County fairgrounds today to get free seasonal flu shots.

But the free clinic ran out of flu shots around four this afternoon, three hours before the clinic was scheduled to close.

"The clinic has ordered about 13,000 flu shots so if the flu shots we have here today are gone by the end of the day, we will have given 13,000 flu shots in 5 days," says Crystal Bebout the Executive Director at Rambo Memorial Health Center.

Thursday’s event gave out 4,164 shots. Organizers say people lined up for the shots starting at 5:30 Thursday morning. As residents pulled up they were asked to fill out paper work, then drive up to the doctors or nurses, get their shot and leave. Bebout says a car could complete the entire process in around five minutes.

"It is very smooth.  The traffic has been rolling right through we’ve been getting the vaccine out to all the folks and people are filling out their paper work, people are filling out their paper work in advance so the express line is going very fast.  So it is going very well, " says Bebout.

The flu clinic was also used as a practice drill in case a mass immunization needs to be done. The fairgrounds were divided up into an express lane, drive through, walk-ins and children’s center. Residents in attendance say they feel it is important everyone get a seasonal flu shot.

"I have been in the medical world 32 years and i feel it is important that everybody needs to get serious to come in and get this done. They are running it real efficient, just come down and stick your arm out and get it done," tells Christy Dawson as she rolled up her sleeve.

Bebout says the volunteer staff is much busier this year compared to last and if you didn’t get your seasonal flu shot Thursday, it could be a while before Muskingum County gets anymore of the vaccine.

Today’s free flu shot clinic was sponsored by the Rambo Memorial Health Center along with the Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Deparmtent and various community partners.



Katie Jeffries