Gant Improvements Tabled Until December

by Emily Baird on October 26, 2009 at 10:18 am

City Council also is moving to table an ordinance on improvements to Gant Municipal Stadium.

Councilman David Tarbert says the ordinance had been amended previously and the newest amendment tonight was suggesting that the city not proceed until receiving notice if grant money would be given to the city for the project.

"They said tonight that that could possibly-if there is funding available through the city-that could hurt our chances of receiving grant money, and while it still may be a long shot, it’s kind of sill to jeopardize our chances for getting that money, " says Tarbert.

So Councilman Tarbert asked that the ordinance be tabled until December 28th, which he says will still provide the project adequate time to finish before spring.

"From what we heard tonight, they said it takes about a week to get the lights up. Now, assuming that the project consultant, the engineer can get in there within a month or so, if we can pass on this in January or at the end of December and get the contract bid out there in January, I would hope that we would have them up by the first of April. That shouldn’t be a problem, " says Tarbert.

The first baseball games are set to start at Gant Municipal Stadium the first of April.