Genesis Breast Cancer Awareness

by Emily Baird on October 6, 2009 at 7:19 am

October marks the start of Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Genesis Healthcare System is trying to do its part to get the word out about how important it is for women to get their mammograms.

Even if women can’t afford it, Genesis Healthcare and Cancer Services Administrative Assistant, Teri Mitchell, says the Susan G. Komen grant can help.

"The grant provides a mamogram to women who are underinsured, someone that maybe has a high deductible and can’t afford to have a mamogram, or maybe their healthcare plan does not cover the cost of a mamogram, " says Mitchell.

Mitchell says the grant targets women who are 40-years-old and older.

It also helps women who have an area of concern in their breasts and women who have a history of breast or ovarian cancer in their families.

Mitchell says it’s important for women to take charge and do what they can to fight breast cancer.

"Annual mamograms are important in finding breast cancer. The earlier it’s found in the breasts, the easier it is to treat…and the better the prognosis is for our ladies. There’s just no reason that anyone should not be having their annual mamograms. I’ts very important that our ladies take advantage of this opportunity, " says Mitchell.

Genesis Healthcare System also is holding a "Girls Night Out" on Friday, October 23rd for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

For more information on the Susan G Komen grant or the "Girls Night Out," contact Genesis Cancer Services at 740-455-7648 or visit