Inmates Tell Students ‘Stay Drug Free’

by Ashley Drane on October 30, 2009 at 12:39 pm

Students at West Muskingum Middle School were shocked to see inmates in their gym this morning.

It’s all part of their Red Ribbon Week drug free program. Eighth grader Reagon Tyner says it’s a week of getting people aware of the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

"Right now really is when peer pressure is starting to get ahold of everyone and people are getting more tempted to do things that they shouldn’t be doing and it’s good to remind them about stuff thats not good like drugs and alcohol, Tyner said.’

The students in charge of Red Ribbon Week had two inmates that were effected by drugs and alcohol from the Noble  Correctional Institution come in and talk to them.

"They are really here to tell us what happened to them and their stories and teach us what we shouldn’t do by their mistakes," Tyner said.

Tyner says it really opened their eyes to what jail was really like.

" Next time their maybe gonna be asked do you want some they are going to be like i remember in 8th grade when those people came in and told us what happened and how their lives were ruined because of this and i think they’ll make the right decision, Tyner said.

A teacher says that she really felt like it was very educational for the students.