Leslie Cope Prints Benefit Forever Dads

by Emily Baird on October 14, 2009 at 5:18 am

The local Forever Dads program is holding a seasonal sale to help single fathers in the community.

Four Leslie Cope prints are available for people to purchase at any of the Muskingum County Century National Bank locations, and Forever Dads member, Bob Mercer, says the program is also working in conjunction with the Cope Gallery in Roseville. Velma Cope is holding a show on November the 8th for local photographer.

“They also have been gracious enough to give us a little space so we can sell our prints that day to benefit the Forever Dads program, ” says Forever Dads program member Bob Mercer.

Mercer says all the proceeds will go to the Forever Dads program.

“Anything we can do to help these men get into the work force and get back to the point where they can provide funding to their children, we want to do that, ” says Mercer.

The Leslie Cope prints mimic the amish country and are 40 dollars a piece.

Mercer says the unique thing about Cope’s prints is that he made them at a size where people could frame the prints at a reasonable cost.