Nichole Hannahs

Marketing to Moms

by Nichole Hannahs on October 7, 2009 at 12:02 pm

While men take ownership of purchases made in the home, experts say its women that make the decisions.

That’s why local business owners got a lesson in how to market their product towards those women Wednesday morning. An executive at the Martin Agency, who presented at the seminar says on of the biggest mistakes a company can make is stereotyping.

"I think really getting a chance to really get to know their customer, especially their women customer and what life stages they’re in," said Senior Strategic Planner for the Martin Agency Elizabeth Cleveland. "They need to know their core values and how does that impact their belief system/decision making."

And with the growth of Facebook and Twitter as a marketing tool, another member of the Martin Agency says  bad public relations travels fast, while good PR is slow.

"They are able to find more information about the brand and it’s information that you can’t necessarily control," said Sharon. "It’s good to have a pulse on what people are saying and how you can address those concerns because they are immediate."

Sharon says that women control 85% of purchases in the home and most women are moms, so when it comes to making a decision on purchases they’ll make the final determination.