October’s ZAAP First Friday Art Walk

by Katie Jeffries on October 1, 2009 at 6:40 am

If you are downtown tomorrow, keep an eye out for the yellow and purple balloons.

The balloons mark a location for the ZAAP First Friday Art Walk. The featured artist this month is Karen Bogard. She specializes in glass art.

"It is something that pulls all my artistic abilities into one form and that’s glass and I don’t do just the big windows, I do glass artwork and I take a lot of pride with that," tells Bogard.

She recently started dabbling in watercolors. Bosco is featured in one of her paintings and she plans on donating some of the painting’s proceeds to Bosco’s care. Bogard says Zanesville has a great deal of talented artists and people should attend ZAAP’s walk to experience their art.

"To see how people have expressed themselves in so many different ways, people don’t know how deep of a cultural impact that art has and to see some original artwork out of Zanesvile, it came out of Zanesville!  Isn’t it wonderful,"says Bogard.

Organizers say the crowds grow every month.  Drinks, refreshments and live music are available and a bus will help take people to the different galleries. For more information on the ZAAP Art Gallery click the link on the right or email them at ZaapMail@yahoo.com



Katie Jeffries