Officials Working to get Job Ready Site Sold

by Katie Jeffries on October 22, 2009 at 7:24 am

Muskingum County has put millions of dollars into the job ready site in the EastPointe Business Park and today officials got to show off all their hard work.

Muskingum Growth Partnership sponsored a luncheon for developers and county officals at the job ready site in hopes of selling the site to a developer. Around 60 people attended the luncheon and received information about the 300 acre site.

"We think this is a premiere site in the state of Ohio.  The state granted us 4.2 million dollars here about 2 years ago to start the process of developing this and you know it will have rail service, we have the sanitary sewer here already, electric and gas so it is ready to go," say Jerry Nolder, Muskingum County Port Authority Director.

Nolder says he hopes a manufacturing plant will take over the site and bring jobs to not only Muskingum County, but all of Southeastern Ohio. Muskingum County Commissioner Jerry Levy says the county and the Port Authority are working hard to get this site sold.

"Well it is working in conjunction with the Port Authority who is actually the responsible party for making sure the site gets sold and we have provided the funding, the county has, for this project in assistance to the sum of this project out here with the infrastructure of the project," says Commissioner Levy.

Both say the purpose of this job ready site is to bring more jobs to the area.


Katie Jeffries