Picking Perfect Carving Pumpkin

by Emily Baird on October 18, 2009 at 8:00 am

Carving a pumpkin for Halloween is a tradition that many families partake in every October.

With October 31st, being less than two weeks away, people are flocking to farms and stores to make sure they get their pumpkins in time, and WHIZ’s Emily Baird is here to tell us how to pick out that perfect pumpkin this year.

“I just gotta go pick the biggest pumpkin I can find, ” says pumpkin carver Kendra Tucker.

“You want to look at the size of the child. Of course, the older boys want the biggest pumpkin that they can’t even carry, and the little girls want a pretty, little, tiny pumpkin, ” says McDonald’s Greenhouse Owner, Susan McDonald.

“The good look of a stem. If you find a pumpkin with a long stem, that’s probably the best pumpkin you can find, ” says pumpkin carver Jacob Farley.

“You’ll want a nice, solid, dark orange color. Then also check the bottom and check the sides for any soft spots because that’ll be a sure sign that it’ll rot sooner than you want, ” says McDonald.

So, once you find the right pumpkin, how do you go about carving it?
“A lot of people draw the picture and the design on first. Then they can carve it perfectly. Some people get very intricate, ” says McDonald.

“We image the image of the carving on the pumpkin. We carve it, and then go outside and light them up, ” says Jacob.

When you go to carve your pumpkin, putting newspaper underneath can be an easy clean-up option.

You’re going to want to watch your children around any sharp tools, and McDonald says a prickly pumpkin stem.

There’s also a trick to help you gut your pumpkin.

“Put them inside so they can get warmed up because cleaning the guts out when it’s been cold makes your hands freeze off, ” says McDonald.

Then it’s time to put those pumpkins on your door just in time for the trick or treaters.

“This year, we’re doing a treasure chest for a pirate and a lady bug, ” says Tucker.

“A spider on one and maybe some other design, maybe just have a normal pumpkin on one, ” says Jacob.

I’m Emily Baird for WHIZ News.