Record Number of Teachers Out Sick

by Ashley Drane on October 20, 2009 at 11:49 am

The flu virus is hitting Zanesville City Schools hard this week. A record number of teachers and students are out sick.

Tuesday morning, Kevin Appleman Coordinator of Operations Services at Zanesville tells us they have thirty to forty teachers home sick. They have been able to cover the classes with subsitute teachers. However, Appleman says in his twenty years at Zanesville he has never seen this many absent.

“On top of that we’ve had quite a few students out I know at the high school there that first week we had we had about 200 and some students out I know at the high school and now that’s getting back to normal and now the younger grades we’re having problems there we had anywhere between 60 and 80 students out there,” says Kevin Appleman Coordinator of Operations.

Appleman says the District is working closely with the Health Department to keep the student and staff healthy.

“We sent a letter home about H1N1 and about the flu just to tell parents, wash their hands, just to be cautious of your child, and of course, if their sick don’t send them to school. When it’s around this much you just do the best they can,” Appleman tell us.

Appleman tells WHIZ custodians are keeping the building clean but stresses the fact that everyone should be washing their hands to prevent the spread of germs.