Red Cross Vandalism

by Emily Baird on October 14, 2009 at 5:37 am

The Muskingum Valley Red Cross is cleaning up after finding out it has been a target of vandalism.

It says the incident happened some time overnight.

WHIZ’s Emily Baird has more.

When Red Cross employees arrived for work around eight a.m. this morning, they didn’t expect to find anyting out of the ordinary in their parking lot.

“We found two of our vehicles with the side windows busted out with bricks, and an unfortunate situation to wake up to first thing in the morning, to have the police here and get the vehicles towed, ” says Red Cross Readiness and Development Manager, Keely Warden.

The vandals targeted the Emergency Disaster Relief Vehicle, which is taken out to fires, and a Blood Services vehicle.

“That vehicle was scheduled to go out today to help take life-saving blood. So, it had to be pulled off for the schedule today, ” says Warden.

The Blood Services vehicle had a pair of spare keys in the glove compartment, which was also stolen. Because of that, Warden says the vehicle will have to be re-keyed.

She says the Red Cross didn’t have an estimation on total damages just yet.

She says the Red Cross has insurance on all its vehicles, but Warden says she thinks the cost to repair both vehicles will go over the deductible.

“Thankfully, we’ve got some good friends that are going to help us out with the Emergency Disaser Relief vehicle. He’s going to try to keep costs to a minimum, ” says Warden.

But the Red Cross just wants some answers right now, like who would do something like this.

“I know it’s just reckless thoughts. People aren’t thinking about what they’re doing, but we hope that whoever did this, their thoughts when that brick went through is that there could be a family out there devistated by fire, and the red cross is having to worry about replacing windows, ” says Warden.

I’m Emily Baird for WHIZ News.

The Red Cross says both vehicles are out of commission until further notice, and it doesn’t plan to replace either vehicle at this time.