Salvation Army Helps Keep Families Warm

by Katie Jeffries on October 8, 2009 at 8:46 am

Hundreds of jackets are being given out to people in need to help fight the cold chill blowing in.

Thursday is the first day of the Zanesville Salvation Army coat drive and the program will continue through March.

"As of today we are doing 300 coats today with the people who have done the applications.  They are new coats and we work with Walmart North and Steve Jones and his crew did a great job in helping us pick out the coats," says Captain Diane Campbell with the Salvation Army.

The American Legion Post 29, Women’s Auxiliary and Zanesville Community High School students all helped with the coat drive. Children like 2 year old October can barely control their excitement when getting a new coat.

"Well it is cute because the little ones, they get all excited with a smile you know and a lot of them have been very nice and very grateful because they needed it this year due to lay-offs and the diffrerent challenges our families are facing so this way we know that at least 500 to 700 kids will be warm and have coats and that is the main objective of this program," tells Captain Campbell.

People are still welcome to come into the Salvation Army tomorrow to fill out applications and get free coats, scarves and mittens. Captain Campbell says the Salvation Army has done coat drives in Zanesville for 20 years.



Katie Jeffries