Schiele & Bosco to be Honored at Football Game

by Emily Baird on October 26, 2009 at 10:10 am

Zanesville Police Patrolman Mike Schiele is receving more money to help pay for K9 Bosco’s recovery treatments at the Ohio State University Veterinarian Hospital.

The Quarterback Club presented Schiele and his partner with a $250 check this afternoon. Schiele says the support from the community is overwhelming.

"It’s great to see people stand behind what we do, and it makes it a little easier to go out and do our job for the day, " says Schiele.

Zanesville Mayor Howard Zwelling also had a special announcement of his own, saying Patrolman Schiele and Bosco will be honored during the Zanesville-Jackson game this Friday night at Sulsberger Memorial Stadium. It’s a pre-game ceremony that should take place around 7:15 p.m.

"It’s an opportunity for the people in the community to come out and see this dog, who pretty much fully recovered and who is walking on his own now. It’s a pleasure to see him, " says Zwelling.

Zwelling says letters from Governor Ted Strickland and Senator Sherrod Brown will be read, regarding Patrolman Schiele and Bosco’s heroic efforts on August 23rd, when both were shot in the line of duty.

Zwelling also read a letter from Congressman Zack Space at this afternoon’s meeting, commending Patrolman Schiele and his partner on their bravery that night.