School Official Walks Miles For Kids

by Katie Jeffries on October 9, 2009 at 5:44 am

A local superintendent is lacing up his walking shoes for kids.

David Branch the Superintendent of the Franklin Local School District is walking 13 miles to promote walking to school and the health benefits of walking.

"And we thought what a better way to set an example for our students than to demonstrate the importance of walking than actually walking," tells Branch.

Branch is being accompanied by Sharon McDermott, the Director of Instruction and former Assistant Superintendent Leon Phipps. Roseville and Duncan Falls elementary schools received a grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation to promote safe walking to school and walking fitness. Branch’s walk will conclude with a ceremony at Roseville Elementary School.

"The program at Roseville Elementary and Roseville Middle School has set up a program of crossing guards, on a volunteer basis, we have parents walking with students to and from school and promoting the idea that we can safely walk in our school community and make it a safe place to walk," says Branch.

Branch hopes his walk will motivate more kids to walk to school. The class that walks the most will win a prize.



Katie Jeffries