Seasonal Flu Vaccine Shortage

by Ashley Drane on October 21, 2009 at 11:45 am

There is a nationwide shortage of the seasonal flu vaccine. Typically the Rambo Memorial Health Center gives out free flu shot to Muskingum County but this year they ran out.

Crystal Bebout Executive Director of Rambo Memorial Health Center says they gave out 13,000 flu shots in five days.

Bebout says normally they do not have any problem with the seasonal flu vaccine but because of the swine flu people are afraid and taking shots very seriously.

"I’ve had people tell me I haven’t had a flu shot in 40 years and all the sudden they’re coming in to get a flu shots," Bebout tells WHIZ.

She says thousands of people that don’t normally get vaccinated are coming in for the shot and because of the nationwide shortage Rambo Memorial has been put on a wait list.

"We don’t really know when we’ll be getting it, how much we’ll be getting, or if we’re getting it at all really, " Bebout says.

In the meantime, Bebout wants people to continue to prevent spreading germs.

She tells us they are getting additional shots from the Ohio Department of Health and from Vaccines for Children.