Sec. of State Visits Zanesville

by Audry Kensicki on October 20, 2009 at 4:13 am

Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner visited Muskingum County today, talking about the upcoming elections.

Brunner spoke at today’s Zanesville Rotary meeting about her term and any changes in this year’s election.

“This year we shouldn’t see any substantial changes,” she said. “There is legislation that is being considered in the state. If it is determined, we may see some next year, but we will heavily publicize those so people are aware. ”

Brunner says, if the legislation is passed, it should make voting easier for ohio residents.

“It would simplify voter identification procedures,” she said. “It could also make it possible so that if someone went to a polling location with several precincts, if they voted at the wrong precinct, we’re hoping that this legislature would allow them to have their ballot counted anyways for anything they would be otherwise eligible to vote on.”

Brunner says she isn’t sure when or even if the legislation will pass.

She says with the budget issues the government is dealing with, it has slowed progression of other bills.