Students and Parents Hit the Books for Literacy Night

by Katie Jeffries on October 14, 2009 at 8:49 am

Parents and excited students swarmed Duncan Falls Elementary Wednesday night for its annual Literacy Night.

The theme this year is “Camp Read A Lot” and has projects that focus on camping and the environment.

“We have making a bird feeder and we try to have our focus for this is the environment. So we are trying to reach Ohio’s indicators as far as they want us to do with kids, but do it in creative ways,” says reading teacher Sue Peyton.

Students and parents made s’mores, marshmallow mountains and of course, read together. For the main event of the evening, students were given a free book and flashlight and they and their parents could crawl into a tent to read. Teachers say they want the whole family to get involved in reading since it is the most important aspect for all subject areas.

“It is basically an event to get families together with their children to come to school and participate in fun learning activities,” tells reading teacher Heather Fischer.

Wednesday night’s Literacy Night is all part of the Right To Read week. Teachers say around 900 students and parents from Franklin Local School District participated.

Katie Jeffries