Students Celebrate Their Heritage With Fall Festival

by Katie Jeffries on October 23, 2009 at 5:42 am

Students at a local elementary are getting a break from their day-to-day studies to have a little fun and explore their Zanesville heritage.

This is the 13th year students at Maysville Elementary have participated in the annual Fall Harvest Festival.

"It takes the place of our Halloween parties, but it gives the kids a chance to enjoy our heritage and some of the fall harvest things that go on during the fall, like making soup bean on the open fire and apple butter and those kinds of things," says Maysville Elementary secretary Kathy Mohler.

Each grade level has its own set of activities. Young students enjoyed a wild west cowboy show, while the 4th graders made and decorated pottery.

"Its who they are and what they need to know growing up in this area.  We are a well known as a pottery area, so it is just nice for the kids to realize that and understand that," says Mohler.

The pots made in past years are kept in the school office. The festival ran Thursday and Friday during normal school hours.




Katie Jeffries